When’s the last time you felt


Charged by the energy of the universe

Fueled by your own life force within?

When’s the last time you felt

Like you were truly living your life

Reveling in the highs and the lows

Expanding beyond your comfort

Aligned and

In love

With life?


I just arrived in Ibiza this week to participate in a week-long Priestess Training. What is a ‘Priestess’ you ask? Good question and I am about to find out. As my teacher Sofia Sundari explains it:

‘A woman who embodies this archetype fully takes her space in this world.

She sees the world as her space for creation.

She sees the Earth as her home, where she is honored to be and serve.

The Priestess is resting in her power and lives her life in alignment with her Spirit.

Her love and softness are her greatest weapons.

She has no interest in the games of the ego. She has no interest in competing with others.

She is here in service.

She is surrendered to the Divine will and she allows each step she takes to be guided.

She initiates men and women into the mysteries of this magnificent life.

The Priestess knows that she is here on a mission.

Her mission is to bring empowerment and awakening to this world and represent the powerful feminine force in its totality and vulnerability.

The Priestess knows that she is here to bring life.

She is here to serve love.

With that, everything takes on a completely different meaning, where every choice has to be in alignment with her mission.

This path is not for everyone, it is only for those who feel a deep resonance in their souls.

It is a path in which our ancient wisdom will be restored and celebrated.’ 

This is the same teacher I did the two week Sacred Feminine Immersion with back in the fall in Bali, so I have no doubt this will be an equally profound, empowering and life changing experience.

I arrived a few days early and have been hanging out at our beautiful villa that sits atop this mountain with a stunning view of the island. I seriously can’t get over the view, it looks like a painting.

As I sit here by the pool, I am reminiscing on the Sacred Feminine Immersion. I even went back and reread some of my journal entries from that time. All the feelings, emotions and sensations came flooding back to me. That truly was a magical time. I wrote in my journal that I have never felt so alive. I felt as though for the first time I was truly living my life and it felt wild.

That retreat definitely had a lasting effect on me. It changed the way I view myself, others and the world around me. I am much more aware of life, and what a gift our time here is. But I still find myself getting complacent at times and forgetting what it feels like to be truly alive, to be charged, to be set on fire with the energy of Mother Earth.

But as I look out over the beautiful, mountainous landscape of Ibiza, about to embark on another deep journey inwards to connect with my higher self, I certainly feel ALIVE. I feel overjoyed, thankful and excited to be alive.


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