The New Moon is a time of darkness, introspection – a great time to go inward and pay attention to your thoughts and emotions.

Gemini brings about powerful self-reflections, gazing into the internal mirrors to see what appears. I used the energy of this new moon to address my fears. Fear’s greatest desire is to be felt – if you allow yourself to feel it, it loses its control over you. When you ignore fear, suppress it, keep it bubbling under the surface – that’s where it reeks havoc. When you know your fears, you can work with them. They can illuminate your deepest desires, your needs, your wants.

As a part of my new moon ritual, I made a list of all my fears at the moment, concerning the next few months of my life. At first, I was hesitant, timid. I was scared acknowledging them would make them come true. But I stuck with the process and forced them out of my head and onto the paper. Soon they were spilling out of me with ease. My body breathed a big sigh of relief after each one was revealed across the page. By the end, I felt as though a weight had been lifted from me.

Then I raised my candle to them and illuminated them with the flame. Seeing them written out like that, under the glow my flame, I saw them for what they are – thoughts – they are just thoughts. They aren’t facts, they aren’t memories, they aren’t predictions for the future, they have no authority over the past, present or future. They’re just thoughts that have passed through my mind at some point and scared me for some reason. They hold no weight, no truth, no power.

Shining a light on them like that quite literally and figuratively casted out the darkness associated with them. Looking at that list made me realize what I want, what I don’t want, and what I need in order to make sure I stay on track with those desires.

After that I burned the paper, reminding myself that my light, my inner flame always has the power to illuminate and cast out my fears.


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