Mother Yourself.

Love yourself.

Nurture yourself.

Just like a good mother would.


Hold yourself tight.

Be tender.

Be gentle.

Just like a good mother would.


Tend to your needs.

Give love to all the parts you’ve neglected.

Love yourself unconditionally.

Just like a good mother would.


Be kind.

Encourage yourself.

Tell yourself you’re alright.

Just like a good mother would.


Be compassionate.

Forgive yourself.

Speak kindly to yourself.

Just like a good mother would.


Show yourself all the love you would,

Your fragile newborn baby,

Your crying toddler,

Your picked on child,

Your heartbroken teenager,

Your confused young adult.

Be your own mother.


The concept of self-love had been a tricky one for me. I loved myself, of course, but I couldn’t stop from being so harsh on myself for every dumb mistake, screw up, ‘failure’. I couldn’t stop holding myself to unrealistic standards and berating myself when I couldn’t live up to them. I tried to love every part of me, but I couldn’t help but only really love the pretty parts, the strong parts, the kind parts, the ‘good’ parts. I casted a shadow on the other parts and either ignored or scolded them depending on the day.

 It wasn’t until I found myself tapping into the Mother archetype, that my attitude on self- love completely transformed. I’ve spent most of my life so far in the Maiden archetype – young, wistful, energetic, bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, yet a little overwhelmed, discouraged and lacking confidence at times. I hadn’t really explored the other archetypes of being a woman.

Out of nowhere, I began to feel a strong maternal instinct rising inside of me. I was feeling this new bond to motherhood. Not ready to be a mother quite yet, this energy was spilling out to those around me. I started seeing the inner child in everyone, grown adults as young boys and girls. As if they were my own kids, I wanted to hug and care for each of them. I wanted to wrap my arms around them and whisper in their ears, ‘Everything is going to be alright.’ I wanted to shower them with the unconditional motherly love we all so desperately desire, but too often don’t receive.


I have been very fortunate to have a very devoted, unconditionally loving and supportive mother. I want for nothing. But I realized, it was time I started taking on a more motherly role in my own life, with my relationship with myself. I needed to treat myself as my mother has, as I would my own child. I needed to be sweet and encouraging. I need to show myself tender support and unwavering love.


Once I started practicing this form of motherly self-love, everything shifted. The inner dialogue in my head completely changed. The way I spoke to myself, handled myself and cared for myself transformed.

I thought of my own mother and her love for me, how she loves each and every part of me, how nothing I have ever done or ever could do would make her love me even the smallest bit less. I thought of how I will feel when I have my own children and how I will speak to them and love them unconditionally. I thought of how I would want them to love themselves. It would break my heart if they didn’t love themselves unconditionally. I thought of my own mother again and how in honor of her great and profound love for me, I will show myself that same love. For she has taught me how.

Become the best mom even if you don’t have kids. Be the best mom to yourself. Fill your heart with unconditional love and extend it to those around you. The world could benefit greatly from more motherly love. 



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