When I forget

The precious gift that

Every day is

Every breath is

Help me to remember

Help me to recognize the
Sacredness of my life.

When I get caught up

In reliving the past

Planning the future

Bring me back

Back to the moment

Back to the

Sacredness of my life.
When I get preoccupied
Lost in the day to day

The tasks

The mundane

The trivial

Show me the beauty

Show me magic

Show me the

Sacredness of my life.
Help me to stop

To look around

To see exactly where I am

Exactly how I got here

All that led me here to the
Sacredness of my life.
Let me remember

That nothing is a guarantee

That nothing is random

Nothing is by chance
Everything has meaning

Everything has purpose

Everything is unfolding

Exactly to plan.
Everyday is a ritual
A sacred ceremony

Full of meaning

Full of moments



Magnificent moments

Big and small

That create the

Sacredness of my life.
Everyday is chance to witness
The Divine

The Divine in me

The Divine in you

The Divine in every aspect of

My very sacred life.

Even as I travel the world, I have discovered I am not immune to the all too prevelant human tendency to take life for granted. I lose touch with my divine essence. I forget the very sacredness of my precious life.

In these moments, it’s difficult for me not to be hard on myself, scold myself for not being more grateful, not being more aware. But I’m fighting my natural instincts and trying instead to just take a breath and ask God to simply remind me. Remind me that every aspect of my life is divine and sacred. I ask for forgiveness for forgetting, and ask to return to that place within me that knows the truth and cherishes each breath. And with that prayer, all is restored.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Judy says:

    If only we all could wake up each day and know deep within our heart and soul all you have just expressed. What peace this world would know!


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