I believe we don’t cry enough as a society. It is so sad that our culture shames this pure and beautiful expression of true emotions. There is nothing wrong, shameful or weak about crying. It is one of the most powerful forces. There is immense healing in crying. Your tears are one of your most potent medicines. They are elixirs for the soul.

I used to be ashamed of crying. I would hold back my tears in fear of embarrassment, appearing weak or making others uncomfortable. I would choke back tears the moment I felt them welling up. I would be so hard on myself if I ever did give into this urge to cry. I would shame myself and make myself feel stupid and weak for giving in. Crying doesn’t solve anything, right? WRONG. Oh, how very very wrong. Crying solves more than you realize.

What a total disservice to myself, to deprive myself this great gift.  Our tears are a gift. They are the most cleansing of waters. They have the ability to unblock stagnant energy, to move your emotions and to create space within you – space to be filled with grace, with love, with the Divine.

No one shames you for laughing when you have the urge, why should crying be any different. So cry. I challenge everyone to cry when they feel the urge to cry. No more holding it in. No more pushing the tears down. No more stifling the sobs or quickly wiping away the tears that do manage to escape, trying to erase the evidence of a pure human emotion. Cry – openly, freely, as long as you want, as loud as you want, with no fear, with no shame.

Cry when you feel alone.

Cry when you are angry at the injustice of the world.

Cry when you feel helpless.

Cry when your heart aches for someone you can’t have.

Cry when you have to say goodbye.

Cry when you miss someone you’ve lost.

Cry when you feel uncomfortable in your own skin.

Cry when a song moves you beyond words.

Cry when you’re overwhelmed with gratitude.

Cry when you’re so deeply in love.

Cry when you experience a powerful breakthrough.

Cry when you look into the innocence of a child’s eyes.

Cry when you are overcome with happiness.

Cry when you’re exploding with pleasure.

Cry when you realize your dreams have come true.

Cry because you are alive.

Cry for no reason at all.

Cry into your depth. Keep crying. Cry into a deep state of despair. Keep crying. Cry yourself into delirium. Keep crying. Cry until you laugh. Cry until you feel bliss. Cry until you are renewed. Cry for your healing. Cry for the healing of the world.

Next time you encounter someone crying, allow their tears to flow. Don’t try to soothe them. Just hold the space. Be there for them. Let them know they are safe, they are loved. But let them cry. Let them know it is okay to just cry. One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is to just witness and be present with them in that moment.

Allow someone to witness this act of human emotion, this vulnerability, this realness from you. Allow someone to see your tears whether they be of anger, sadness, exhaustion, fear, joy, bliss. Just allow it.

Never be ashamed to cry. Never hold back your tears. Don’t deny yourself this great healing, this great pleasure.


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