The Full Moon is upon us, unlike the last full moon when I was feeling full, desirous and ravenous, I am feeling empty. Empty in a delicious and wonderful way. I am empty, but I feel whole. This full moon is in the sign Virgo, which points to a time of self-healing. Healing for the sake of yourself which in turn heals the world.

I have been devoting a lot of my magnificent time in Bali to self-healing. By myself and with some beautiful healers I have been clearing and cleansing on a daily basis. I am ridding myself of any energy or vibrations that don’t serve me or my higher purpose. I am releasing and surrendering constantly, letting go completely. Setting limiting beliefs, fears, shame and nonsense ablaze and allowing the flames to burn it all away.

Through this, I have created space – wonderful, beautiful and vibrant space. I am holding this space and keeping it open. I am waiting for the Divine to come and fill it with His love, His grace, His plans for me.

I will continue the clearing and the healing throughout this full moon, so that during the New Moon this space will be a fertile ground, to plant intentions, purpose and endless possibilities.

The moon is full,

But I am empty.

Yet I am whole.

I’ve cleansed.

I’ve cleared.

I’ve released.

I’ve let go.

I’ve surrendered.

Setting limiting beliefs,



And all the nonsense


Allowing the flames to burn,



It all away.

I’ve created space.

Space for the Divine to fill,

With love,

With grace,

With intent,

With purpose.

May my mind, 

My body

And my spirit

Be a fertile ground

For growth,

For abundance,

For endless possibilities.


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