I sit in stillness,


Waiting –

For Your words to come through.


I don’t hear anything.

Not a sound.

But wait,

I feel.


I feel You so strongly,

So fiercely,

So divinely.

I feel Your presence,

And I rest.

I rest into your embrace.


The words I hear coming through,

They aren’t Yours.

They are mine.

They are my way to interpret this feeling,

This energy,

This divine embrace.


You are beyond words.

You can’t be contained by their dimensions,

Their limits.


You come through as so much more.

You fill me with your presence.

I stay in that stillness,

That silence.

Not listening –

But just being.


All the beauty and grace You have to offer.


I bow in gratitude.


I have been spending a lot of time in quiet contemplation lately. Silencing my mind is no easy feat for me. I have a very active mind with many thoughts swirling around at any given moment. I’ve learned not to fight with them anymore but to welcome them in – to be thankful for my beautiful and intricate mind.

When I sit in silence, waiting for the Divine’s guidance the words don’t come, but a strong feeling does. It’s as though I can feel God’s arms wrap around me, cradling me softly. Then I hear words. I wonder are these just my words? Is this just my overactive brain telling me what I want to hear?

I’ve come to realize they are my words, but only because God is beyond words. He can’t be contained or limited to their restrictions. He is so much more than words. His presence and His guidance transcend words. He manifests as an energy, a feeling. He vibrates through my being and I know exactly what His message is and my mind translates the feeling into words as a way to interpret and make sense of the intense interaction.


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  1. Judy says:

    I relate very strongly to this – my words, our HIS ?? Am I hearing what a want to hear or am I hearing what I AM wants me to hear?


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