New Moons are a time of darkness. They can be scary and unsettling for some people.

I was once challenged by one of my teachers during a New Moon,  ‘Can you trust in the face of the unknown?’

Can you sit with this darkness,

The darkness of not knowing.

Can you keep your faith –

When you don’t know what lies ahead?

Can you stare darkness in the face and smile?

For you trust with ease,

With grace,

With unrelenting faith.

When you don’t know which way is up or down –

Can you step one foot in front of the other into the utter darkness?

Can you trust you’ll find your way?

How tough is your faith?

How resilient?

How reliable –

Is your faith?

Would you bet your life on it?

Would you hand over your life to the Divine in honor of it?

Trust is an interesting concept. Trust isn’t belief, belief is based on reasons. Trust is beyond rationalization. Trust is an act of love.

I’ve struggled with the act of truly trusting. I loved the idea of it but I couldn’t quite grasp this elusive notion.

The trick? I stopped trying so hard. I just surrendered. I surrendered my heart, my soul and each and every day to the Divine. Trusting requires complete surrender, which is death to the mind, but beautifully natural and innate to the heart. Once I got past my mind’s apprehension towards surrendering, my heart was ready to dive deep into it.

Part of my daily morning ritual is to re-surrender, reconsecrate my life to God. I remind myself that it is His will that will be done. I put my life in His hands. I ask for His guidance. I’ve noticed a beautiful and authentic shift within myself due to this simple but powerful act.

But I have noticed stirrings of distrust, fear and apprehension around New Moons. Mother Earth is powerful. Never underestimate her potency or her affect on our lives. I simply take note and honor this natural reaction to a time of darkness. I shed light on it. You can’t kill darkness, but you can extinguish it with light. I take the time to reflect on what I am feeling anxious about, distrusting of. I list my fears. Then I offer them up to the Divine. I release what needs to be released and trust that God will fill that space. I set new intentions (2 weeks, 6 months, 1 year) and I trust that God will see the ones through that are meant to be.

New Moons can bring about unease, anxiousness and distrust. But they also provide a potent opportunity to clear away fears, set new intentions and test and reaffirm the resilience of your faith, your trust in the face of the unknown.


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