I’m in love.

I’m in love beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m full of love.

Bursting with love.


I’m in love with life,

My very beautiful, fiercely wonderful life,

Every last bit of it.


I’m in love with myself.

I’m in love with my family.

I’m in love with my friends.

I’m in love with love.


My natural state is love.

I desire love.

I crave love.

I want to give love.

And I want to receive love.

I want to live and breathe as love.


Always a romantic at heart,

but rarely in love to the extend my heart desired.


Chasing this ideal idea of love.


Well, I’m done.

I’m done chasing.

I’m done wishing.

I’m done waiting.


I’ve opened my eyes.

More importantly,

I’ve opened my heart.

And what I’ve discovered is,

Love is all around me.


I can simply be in love.

In love with my life,

And everyone in it.

I can send love to everyone I meet,

And receive it from all directions.


It doesn’t matter what I am doing,

Or who I am with –

I can be madly,


crazy in love.

For I am love.


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