One of my teachers once told me the only reason for our separation from God, is so we can experience the bliss of devotion. To break down the separation, to live in a moment of oneness through our devotion.  We are separate so we can experience the joy of coming together.

We were created to be devotional creatures. We crave devotion. Whether it’s devotion to the Divine, to a lover, to your children, yourself or devotion to a specific practice – it fills you with great joy, love and the truest form of bliss.

My devotion to God and His light brings me out of myself, it expands me. It challenges me. It empowers me. It shakes my very core, bringing me to tears. It breaks me and rebuilds me, filling me with more love than imaginable.

Devotion isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes, it is really really hard. But when I push through, when I surrender to this great force the radiance comes flooding through, filling and expanding my entire being.

I bow to God. I bow to the Divine Light that He is and that is also within me. I bow to our separation. I bow to our oneness. I bow in pure blissful devotion.

My prayer is for all of you to find your true bliss through devotion, in whatever way that resonates with you.


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