Love is truly the greatest force that flows through this universe.

When it comes down to it, it’s all about love.

Does that sound trite to you?


On the contrary, it is the most powerful and brilliant idea.

When you surrender to love,

Truly surrender to its magnitude,

Its power,

Its mystery

All bets are off.

You open yourself up to a world of magic.

A world of bliss.

A world of hurt, sure.

But a world of great joy that makes life truly worth living.

If you aren’t going to surrender to love,

To dive into its endless depth –

What’s the point?

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Our spirit, our soul, our true essence craves love.

It longs to open its heart to it.

To fully surrender.

Love is your truth.

And living in your truth feels fantastic.

Continually opening your heart

And surrendering to love is the most amazing,




And beautiful thing you can do.

It feels phenomenal

Because that’s what our hearts were meant to do.

They were meant to love.

They were built for love.

Not a shallow love,

But a deep all-consuming love.

They were created to open without restraint,

Without fear,

Without limit.

Allowing love to flow through them,

Extending it to every part of your life.

Along the way, we’ve all experienced disappointment,


And a multitude of heartbreaks.

Leaving very painful scars.

Vowing to never again feel such a way,

We guard our hearts.

We put up layers.

Upon layers.

Surrounded by walls.

We keep people out.

We suppress emotions.

We become masterminds at defense mechanisms.

There is great power and strength that comes

with surrendering to love.

I say break down the walls.

Peel away the layers.

One at a time.

Face those wounds.

Those emotions.

Those fears.

Keep peeling.

Keep healing.

Let the love in.

Let the light in.

Let it flow through your being healing all the scars.

Let your heart feel that.

Open to that love.

Surrender to that love.

Then keep opening,

Keep surrendering,

Keep loving.

It’s what we all came here to do.


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