Traveling is a funny thing. It will harden and soften you simultaneously. It will toughen you up. It will make you more resilient and force you to adjust and adapt when things don’t go according to your plans (which can be quite often). It will make you more brave and sure of yourself.

But it will also soften you up. Your heart is so open that you experience things at new depths. You see things with wider eyes, meet people with a more open mind and listen more intently. You are humbled by the immense and overwhelming beauty of our vast universe. You will be made vulnerable, by being taken out of our comfort zone and being forced to rely on the kindness of others for help at times. It heightens the way you experience life and interact with the universe.

Travel is bound to have its ups and down. You are bound to overpay for something, lose stuff, get lost yourself, get hurt (especially if you’re me), get sick, get scammed, miss some form of transportation, miss out on a “must-see” destination, get shitty weather and a multitude of other mishaps. The goal is not to avoid as many undesirable scenarios as possible while on the road, but to adapt and adjust accordingly to the ones that do cross your path. When something goes wrong, which it will, you are given the opportunity to practice handling it with grace and assurance that it is just a necessary part of the journey.

I definitely experienced some of the aforementioned on my journey and I will admit in the moment it wasn’t easy to look at it from a place of grace or alignment. It was way more my style to get pissed, overreact or sulk. But I learned along the way to pull myself out of those moments. I learned not to struggle with what can’t be changed, but to just accept it as being part of the grander plan. 

There were plenty of times where I found myself completely lost in a moment, feeling absolutely at peace and so sure that that was exactly where I was supposed to be. It forced me to realize that everything leading up to those moments had happened exactly as it was supposed to, to bring me to those times of pure bliss. Everything that happens was always meant to happen, or else it wouldn’t have.

I got to see what I needed to see. I got where I needed to get and I experienced what I needed to experience. There was no need to freak out over the mishaps. We are all exactly where we are meant to be. The more I truly believed and embodied that truth – the more fantastic my journey became.


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