After that two week retreat that felt like a lifetime, maybe even multiple lifetimes, I was floating on air, radiating light and full of so much love it was oozing from my pores. I had a flight out of Bali in a few days to hit up the pristine beaches of Thailand for a little R&R before flying home for the holidays from Bangkok.

Well long story short, the pure magic of Bali hooked me and I skipped my flight to stay an extra week in Bali. My extended time there was perfection, pure bliss. Words can’t describe it so I won’t even attempt. That week will just forever be an unblemished and surreal moment in time that I will keep in a very special place in my heart.

I had booked a 3 day reiki training retreat in Krabi (Thailand) right before my flight home. In retrospect, it was probably was not the smartest move to cram that in right before leaving but it was definitely worth it. On Monday morning I flew into Bangkok then Monday night to Krabi. I spent Monday through Thursday in Krabi. Then back up to Bangkok Thursday night, and then just a quick 24 hour journey  home to JFK starting Friday morning…

Reiki, for those of you who are wondering what the heck I’m up to now, is a healing technique that originated in Japan in 1926. Basically it is opening yourself up to and allowing the energy of the universe to channel through you to unblock and heal your own energy, or the energy of someone else.

I had received Reiki treatments back at home and had very powerful and positive experiences with them so I have been intrigued by it for a while now. When I saw there was a retreat to learn more and receive my level 1 reiki attunement, my intrigue jumped.

I spent 3 days at the most adorable little yoga retreat center, off the beaten path in a quiet beach town. This place felt like something from a dream. Animals running around, girls from all over the world coming and going, learning, working and exploring the surrounding area. And then there was Marina, the owner, who was this wise older woman covered in tattoos and full of an ancient knowing that was apparent after spending all of 5 minutes with her. She was part hippie, part healer, part witchy, and pretty bad ass as well.

My mornings were spent doing yoga, my afternoons learning the basics of reiki and the evenings were for group meditations – one was a shamanic drumming meditation to get in contact with your spirit animal which was a very cool experience. If I didn’t have my ticket back home, I would have liked to stay a little longer in that space. I felt very removed from the world. Maybe I will find my way back there one day.

And that’s a wrap. After my quick reiki retreat ended, it was back up to Bangkok and I flew out the next morning. So was it the trip of a lifetime? Was it everything I could have wished for and more? You bet. But the good news is that it has just begun. There will be many many more adventures to come. Until my next voyage, I will continue writing and posting about my internal imrammas. The exploring and the learning never ends. Whether I’m half way across the world, back in Montauk or sitting in my childhood bedroom – there is much to experience, to learn and to be in awe of.


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