The title of this blog has a double meaning. I am physically back at home in Pennsylvania, but I am also truly home within the walls of my own body.

Back in the spring I set out to work on balancing each of my chakras, concentrated points of energy in the body – starting with the root chakra which is the foundation of them. It focuses on feelings of safety, security, connection, belonging and trust.

Almost instantly after deciding to work on my root chakra, I felt more ungrounded, more lost and more out of place than I had ever experienced before. I felt completely disconnected from the world around me and disconnected from myself as well. The universe was intent on pointing out to me just how ungrounded I really was in order to bring about the balance I was seeking. I realized I needed to completely uproot myself. 

Being alone on the road with only a backpack in hand had oddly made me feel more rooted and at home than I could have ever anticipated. It was along the bumpy bus rides from one city to the next where I found a sense of peace and belonging. The constant uprooting,  the settling in one place, meeting new friends, starting to feel comfortable in an area only to part days later had shown me that there is one constant that remains – me. I am always home, for I am my home. I learned to completely dwell within myself. To trust myself. To take care of myself. To love myself on a deeper level. To look no further than my own finger tips for my home. 

I had moments where I was in very remote place, a place that I didn’t know existed and would have been unimaginable to me a few months earlier, but I felt as though I completely belonged. I felt as though I was exactly where I should be in the universe at that very moment. I felt deeply connected to my surroundings. 

I can be marveling at the grand temples in Bangkok, bathing elephants in Chiang Mai, motorbiking in Pai, standing under magnificent waterfalls in Laos, cruising along Ha Long Bay under the stars, navigating the crazy city of Hanoi, riding a crammed night bus from one city to the next, trekking to a remote tribal village in northern Vietnam, floating chest deep in a pool of mud in Phong Nha, cruising along the Hai Van Pass in Da Nang, lighting lanterns in Hoi An, getting lost in the 100 Roofs Cafe in Dalat,  relaxing on a deserted beach in Uluwatu, snorkeling in the crystal clear blue waters of Nusa Lembongan, cleansing my body and soul in the sacred water temple in Tampaksiring, or dancing around a bonfire under the full moon in Ubud and I am home. 

I belong in this universe and I play a very unique and important role in it. Wherever I go, that is exactly where I am meant to be. I know that. I trust that.


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