I was very much looking forward to Ha Long Bay and I am pleased to report that it lived up to the hype. Ha Long Bay is comprised of approximately 1,960 small islands. It is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and recognized as one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World.



Eric and I booked a little overnight boat cruise to explore this enchanting destination. Our boat was super adorable and our guide was even cuter, very enthusiastic. We were welcomed on board with a delicious lunch. Cruising along the bay I couldn’t believe the beauty we were surrounded by. It was truly stunning. Another moment where no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t quite capture the beauty in pictures. That didn’t stop us from trying though.  Later we got to kayak through the bay and take a quick dip. Back on the top deck of the boat we enjoyed a stunning sunset.



After another great meal was mandatory karaoke time. I will not be able to express the sheer awkwardness of this situation. Our fellow travelers were made up a very disapproving Chinese family, a French family that could have not been less enthused, a Finnish couple that bolted after the first song (lucky bastards) and a Dutch and Vietnamese couple that were the only other good sports. 

The song selection was a bizarre mix of poor karaoke versions of semi-popular songs that were being played on a loop. We had no control over selection. 

After some awkward silence, Eric stepped up and kicked things off with a little Hotel California. We tried to keep the spirits up, but even my very best ABBA rendition couldn’t break this crew.  It wasn’t so much the refusal to join in, but the refusal to even crack a smile from the crowd that made it feel as though time was standing still. Only after an obscene amount of awkwardness was endured was the karaoke put to bed.

The rest of the evening was spent listening to music and star gazing up on the top deck. Staring up at the vast and mesmerizing night sky I found myself completely absorbed in this very surreal moment. Wondering how I ended up here, but knowing deep within me, that this was exactly where I was meant to be at this very moment. Ha Long Bay, you are pure magic.



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