Did I originally want to solo travel? Not even a little. But when I realized that it was time to travel – I decided to set out and do it on my own. The more I got used to the idea, the more I was excited to be embarking on this adventure solo.

When I would tell people I was going on this trip, the first question was always, “Who are you going with?” When I would reply that it was just me, I would get a similar response – a facial expression that combined shock, a little fear and a glimmer of admiration.

How has it been so far? Amazing, thrilling, exhilarating, renewing, empowering, breathtaking, perfect – barely scratch the surface.

The backpacker community is amazing – super welcoming, friendly and down to make new friends and explore. You can easily make friends on the road that turn into your new travel companions for part of or the remainder of your journey, or make transient yet meaningful relationships along the way.

You are only really alone if you want to be – which I definitely opt for sometimes. What can I say, I like my alone time. I enjoy my own company. I am embracing my introverted side and learning a lot, about myself and life in general. I have always been a big proponent for making time just to be with yourself. It’s necessary for self growth. I find that I rediscover universal and personal truths that were inside me all along, just waiting to be cracked open. I connect to a higher version of myself who helps me grow and leads me in the right direction.

While on the road, I’ve had a nice mixture so far of being on my own, meeting up with an old friend and making new ones. Being on my own has forced me out of my comfort zone. It has forced me not to dread the awkward first hello’s and just go for it. It has forced me to put judgements aside and to see people for who they really are. It has forced me to put myself out there and open up more.

Being constantly surrounded by new faces is interesting. It makes you very self aware and think about what kind of first impression you give to people who know nothing about you. Not that you should put so much emphasis on what others think of you, but it does make you reevaluate yourself and consider if you are giving off the energy you want people to receive. It’s also freeing because again no one knows anything about you, so it gives you the perfect opportunity to be your best and most authentic self.

Sure traveling with good friends is no doubt an amazing experience, but I do believe everyone should just go somewhere on their own, at least once in their life – to experience what that sensation is like, because it is truly empowering.


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